Saturday, June 27, 2009

My First Scavenger Outing!

The word, function, was chosen by 3GirlKnight.

Skipping the math meanings - function, noun, an activity or purpose natural to or intended for a person or thing.

The function of a mother is:

 to love, cherish and protect her child.

The function of a blogger is:

to provide an on-going narrative.

The function of a songerwriter is:

to write a good ass song.

The function of an artist is :

to comment on the world inside of them

Old Man in Sorrow - Vincent Van Gogh

or outside of them.

The function of a film maker is:

to make a perfect film

or at least a perfect scene.

Which is the scene in the Big Lebowski where we first meet The Jesus .  Eight year olds, Dude!

Thank you for viewing my first scavenger hunt!


  1. Welcome to the Scavenger Hunt, Crazy. Good examples of FUNCTION, thanks for participating. John Turturro was awesome as The Jesus.

  2. What a fun post for this week's word! So glad to have you playing :-) We could totally watch movies together. I LOVE Rushmore and The Big Lebowski!

  3. aliencg - thanks for the welcome. John Tuturro WAS awesome as the Jesus. I agree!

  4. laura - we could watch movies together, couldn't we? it is rare for me to find someone who likes the same movies as i do - although i trained my children fairly well! I am very glad to be playing the scavenger hunt. it's fun.

  5. crazy4coens-- WOW! You nailed this one down tight! I am tickled to be part of it too... a lovely surprise this morning! An amazing post.

  6. Ananda - thanks for the WOW! High praise coming from you - the very definition of blogger.

  7. Another great post. I can't see how I'd have anything to add, will sit it out.

  8. crazy4coens-- Thanks for Jerusalem. It is not the song that I had in my head, but touching.

  9. dmarks - thanks for the compliment

    ananda - I think it's a great song, or I have already mentioned that? Thanks for the thanks!

  10. My favorite is the first on about what the "function" of a mother is..

  11. And you have just illustrated the function of a blogger. Good job.

  12. I won't take it personally that you chose to leave out function as it pertains to math.

  13. cube - math? huh? I tried to purposely avoid all things math in my hunt. Also - thanks for the "good job" - I appreciate it!

  14. Hey, great examples of function! I love that first photo, it's perfect!

  15. i've been staring at the fish for what seems like an eternity.

    are they kois?

  16. Tara - Thanks! And thank you for visiting!

    Billy - I checked - they're just fish. Have you tried feeding them? Click on the curser and they get fed - and unlike real fish - I don't think you can kill them by overfeeding. Thanks for visiting!