Monday, June 15, 2009

In Freno

Hiding out in a motel with air conditioning and wifi!  

Death in the family brings out the stress.

I went into the situation fully intending to support my husband and I vowed (not out loud) to be kind, smile alot and to refuse to be offened.

Well by this morning - after sleeping on the floor in my mother law's room, I was tired, grouchy and laughing at the in laws.  

After spending hours today at the funeral chapel and with the extended family, I started baiting my looney brother in law by asking, "And what do you think about crop circles?" ("Nothing everybody hasn't heard before," was his answer.)  But honestly, I don't know anything about them and who better to ask than Loon himself?  Oh well.

We have made our escape and driven down the Blvd. of Dreams and taken up residence in a Comfort Inn.  While it is a far sight more comfortable than the family home, it is not a room by the ocean.  But there is wifi and I can prentend that I have been supportive, kind, smiley and never offended.

 Get me outta here!


  1. Geez... that answers the brother question... and I see that he has not improved in all this time. Oh my. I did wonder.

    I wish I was there. We could lock ourselves up and laugh all night. Get rid of that stress with innuendo and snide comments with a dash of sarcasm to mellow it all out! But I'm not there. I am stuck being uselessly here. So pretend I am... say what you want in your head. You have a good idea of how I'll answer. (Don't forget rude, vulgar and outright dirty!) Oh, and there is email.

    love you... I'm here, which is nowhere but at your service.

  2. Hey... here's an idea. Go to the zoo. Take pictures. I love that zoo! Is Nosey still alive?
    I like the aviaries too. The keets like me. I like them.

    Do you remember Zitty? AKA Pretty Boy, my Budgie?

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  4. Can't spell....Anyway - Nosey would have to be 100 - so he's probably in elephant heaven, where bo one hunts for tusks.

    I don't remember a bird - but that means nothing.

    I am saying those comments already. Some I will Blog~ Thanks for your support!

  5. A Barttles and James reference? You too? lol

  6. Here via Ananda Girl's blog...

    Sorry for your family woes, we all have them, but at least you have wifi ;-)

    Hang in there.

  7. Cube - thank you so much! We do all have family woes - as long as we live. My father in law no longer has any family woes.