Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Welcome Wednesday!

It is another day, and I didn't make a single dollar!  I did spend 104 of them at the Grocery Outlet, however.  (My eldest son says that Grocery Outlet puts the gross back into groceries.  If you have one near and haven't yet tried it, I would encourage you to go for the experience.  Beware of dates on meat.....)

The chickens, cat and dog are happily fed.  The son is downstairs practicing with his band Mildrid. (Nothing on youtube - just checked - I'll have to talk to him about that - Gotta keep up with Ananda girl)  Cat is sleeping.  Dog is sleeping.  Husband is sleeping.  Sky is overcast. Never thought that I'd being wearing a jacket in June and wishing for slippers.  A lazy do not much day.

Happiness to all out in blog land.


  1. That sounds like a lovely day to me. I have not fed anything yet today.

    StbX is feeding cat now. I have to feed him and my number 3 kid. We're having broiled swai with a cajun rub, salad, bakers and fresh zucchini with garlic. yum. Guess I better get up on that.

    Lol what J said! Tell him hi.

  2. Sounds like a delicious dinner. 1) What is StbX? 2) What is swai? 3)What are bakers?

  3. i wish that i was sleeping right now.

    i guess there really is no rest for the wicked.

  4. Ananda - I figured out StcX during the night - the rest I can figure to be fish and bread?

    Billy - there is no rest for anyone as long as they are alive. Such is the human condition!

  5. StbX is T... the soon to be X! (Joy! Rapture!)

    swai is a type of fish. I eat mostly fish. Some chicken. Not much.

    Bakers are baked potoatoes. Our meals are always simple and usually healthy. Unless I go ethnic, which I do for holidays. I'm good at Mexican food, thanks to my Aunt Ruth from Chihuahua, Mexico. And my Irish ain't bad.