Sunday, June 7, 2009


first of all - i have never been in jail - bailed people out - visited - but never been there on my own.

second of all - being sunny is what i strive for - and raising arizona is my favorite movie - or one of them - so the mix for the title.

i hear bloggers are supportive peeps - so - support away!  


  1. lol. Good. I've not yet been in jail either, actually... never say never!

    (but I do believe that you would ask me if I've lost my freaking mind if I did end up there... and come to bail me out.)

    I like the way your blog looks. Nice choice. How do you get the cows?

    I am not good at adding stuff like that. It doesn't usually work. though i did add a neat moon phase deal at the bottom of my blog that no one ever sees because it is so far down where no one goes. Shhesh.

  2. You know you can go through my blog and check out bloggers on my blog roll... which is on my profile page for some reason un-understood by me. When you visit them, they often come to your blog. That's how you get started. then when they visit, you can look at their blog rolls and visit on those blogs and you expand. It's a process.

  3. Welcome to the blog world! I'm pretty new myself. One tip I have for you is to use a RSS reader. Your dashboard has the list of blogs you've subscribed to, but I find that the Google reader is a little cleaner and helps point out those posts you haven't read yet. (If you use the Reader, it will automatically import the blogs you've subscribed to in the blogger dashboard.)


  4. Hey Sunny! I'm hooked cos you have COW PHOTOS :)

  5. Can't go wrong with cows! They are cute from a distance!

    I will look for the RSS reader - thanks for the help (I just found the dashboard - will go from there!) (Maybe!)

    Thanks for the support!

  6. I found Google reader! Is that the RSS reader?