Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Home Again - Service is Friday

We are home for a day and it is nice to have peace and order.  

Unfortunately, I was not able to maintain even a minute semblance of being another (nicer and better) person while out of town helping the in laws.

I started sniping the second day (probably the first day without even knowing it) and did not stop.

My brother in law was the brunt of most of it.  (Besides crop circles.)

After spending the whole stinking day getting a cemetary plot (and spending all my fix up the house this summer money - which I will supposedly get back), we walked into the mother in law's house and the brother in law stated, "There is no chlorine for the pool."  To which I answered, without thinking, "Really, there's no chlorine in all of Freno?  Imagine that."

My favorite mother in law quote is, "Is this chocolate local?"

I hate that I am not a kind, nice and smiley person.  

I hate that I can't say only nice things to people.  

All I can do is 1) say nothing or 2) whatever comes to my head.  And apparently the more tired I am, the more grouchy I am.  I do not suffer fools gladly.  I wish I did.

We are returning to Freno tomorrow.  

I have asked my son to pick a family member to chronicle.  My youngest has chosen the brother in law.  I have chosen the mother in law.  Number 2 son will hopefully choose another family member and my plan is to put them all together into a wonderful Coen-eske Wes Anderson type screen play. 

Wish me kindness, peace and joy - with lots of smiles ;) 


  1. It took you a whole day to start sniping at the in laws? Now that's restraint ;-)

  2. Cube - thank you so much! I was trying soooo hard :(

  3. Ah, but these things are what I love about you! I can find smiley nice folk any day. But you are a one of a kind. You, who cracks me up constantly with those snipes. I cannot imagine you being you, any other way.

    I will wish for you what you ask, always.

    Glad you are home safe and SANE. Hey... is that ice cream up there? I'm hungry now.

  4. If it is ice cream... is it local? Hahahaha

    Does Fresberg have a local chocolate factory?

  5. No, it's not ice cream - it's swimming pool chlorine!

    Yes, we think they must grow chocolate in Freno! Sheesh!

  6. And ms ananda - thanks for the comments - my husband says the same must be true!

  7. Chlorine! Blech! Not hungry anymore. Yikes! But I do recall those great tubs that had the hinge lock that your dad used to get for us. They were so cool.