Friday, June 12, 2009

Free Friday!

Free quote for the day - 

"Why did God make us?" a rabbi asked.  "Because he likes to tell stories," came the answer.  Become an active participant in your own life story.  Conceptualize reality in brain terms: the art of montage."  Richard Restat in Mozart's Brain and the Fighter Pilot.

Seems like the best thing for our brain is to dream through life - but that can't be it.

Here's a dream sequence for you:
This undated handout illustration provided by Nature Publishing ...

-a picture of what would happen if Venus crashed into Earth.  Whoppee!  Looks like fun, doesn't it?

(no reason - just a cool picture i thought i would try to import into my blog - thanks for reading!)

Painting update - I have scraped around both the tub and shower and treated with bleach.  When the bleach dries I will prime the area and go looking for the cove whatever at our new big box store.  

Our local retailers (some of them anyway) like having the big box store here - so that people won't go down the hill and bypass their little stores entirely.  I don't know....our economy is so outta whack that only a bigger disaster than what has already happened (due to unchecked greed) is needed to reset it.  A new thermostat so to speak.  I wonder if they have that at the new big box store?


  1. The economy is scary. How do you feel about Obama these days or are you comfortable saying?

    Your efforts on your bathroom are inspiring. I may do something tomorrow!

  2. Obama took on a mess called American greed. He is a chosen golden boy - just a younger/darker/more truthful version of all the others.

    The bathroom may have a hitch - I am thinking of tiling around the bathtub - something I have never done. Any suggestions?

  3. Ask StbX to come and do it. He's quite good at it... if he likes you. When he stops liking you, the projects end.

    I have the flooring for my kitchen and dining room stacked, still in the boxes waiting since last year. I think I may have to break down and do it myself this summer. Yikes.

  4. If he's like mine - start doing it, he'll see your doing something wrong and then he will either tell you how to do it right or he will take over and do it himself.

    Actually mine rarely takes over, but is full of advice.

    But anyway, the only way to get things done is to do them yourself.

  5. I am sure you are right. StbX is always making fun of everyone else's projects... see how they do this or that wrong. Blah, blah, blah. He will drive me insane with directions. But I don't know how else to get it done.

    Maybe I should get a book or rent a tape. It would make him crazier if I actually did it correctly. Then he would have to take over and show me up. But wait, that's manipulation and I am above this.

    What? What? I can't hear you through the laughter!

  6. I was laughing!

    Try googling it - I spent a lot of time today trying to find out how to tile (and de-clutter paper) on the internet. Bing is not my favorite - it's still google for me.

  7. i don't venus has the guts to come anywhere near the earth.

  8. billy - there was a picture on the internet - so it's gotta happen.....