Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday, the same as Wednesday

Insight Express - I have none.  Imagine that!  

Already this summer vacation is looming on too long.  I never was one to enjoy unstructured time.  What is wrong with me?

Think happy productive thoughts for me.

I need to prep the bathroom for painting, make potato salad for a party called Emmanuel Kicked Cancer's Ass, and read some good stuff (not crappy fiction junk food).

I'll let you know how it turns out later.

Peace out!


  1. Hummmm... I am so good at unstructured and spontaneous madness. I need to come and disorganize your life for you!

    I see you are a list maker by desire. I make lists to keep me grounded... because I spin right out and off to some weird wired place instead of the next logical location. But I don't really follow them well. Sometimes spontaneous spinning happens anyway. You, like my Squeaky, follow your lists don't you?

    You are bad at vacations! I am having so much trouble finishing my last two days of work... I cannot get to unstructured fast enough!

    And what do you mean read some "good stuff"... not "crappy fiction junk food"? Yikes! I can't live without crappy fiction junk food. I'd starve my brain, what's left of it.

  2. i read the whole thing.

    i like short posts.

  3. Ananda girl - are you free of form; bliss today? (remember?)

    I follow my lists somewhat. no potato salad. fiction book finished. (not on my list) the tub is ready for getting prepared - hubby says i need to glue vinyl cove base (wtf is that?) around the tub after it has dried and been primed. whenever i ask him, things get way too complicated.

    billy - thanks for reading. the older i get the shorter my thoughts: not necessarily a good thing.

  4. Yes indeed. I do recall the meaning of "Ananda". Do you think it fits me? I am free from form... and well, the bliss thing... gotta get free first. So it goes.

    BTW- a cove base is just that vinyl trim that goes around the bottom of the wall. It used to be woodwork. Now its vinyl. StbX says he is impressed that you do your own work. Good for you! He means that.

    billy-- Oops. My posts are dreadfully long. You are a trooper to read them.

  5. Ananda - Yes you are both and always have been (free of form and bliss). Tell StbX that it is out of necessity - and I did work as a painter in LA before The Gross back in Grocery was born. And thanks for the compliment.

  6. I'll pass the thanks on. He will appreciate it. He is interested in the blog now that you are involved. gnuh?

    Hey, thanks for the compliment! :)

  7. since when did he care one way or another about me? i haven't seen his face in over 20 years.....sheesh.

  8. I suspect it is supposed to piss me off... reading over my shoulder as I try to comment or post. He can make comments about you, because he knows so much about you. Nothing he says about anyone else has any power. It's all about power.

    I do not pretend to understand how his brain functions. That one bright idea of his... blows my brain right out of the water.

    Here's a laugh for you... see if you can figure out why it's so funny. I had a dream that he was a giant Ken doll! I woke myself up choking on laughter.

  9. Give that gal a Ken doll! lol I really was amused. Funny how our brains manipulate things in dream land. I have never cracked myself up so badly in a dream that I woke myself up before.

  10. I am really impressed that you figured it out before you woke up - it takes me to be awake to figure that kind of stuff out - and then only if I remember and care.