Monday, June 8, 2009

My first day of summer.  I know that isn't officially summer until until June twenty something, but I'm out of school until August teen something, so as all school kids will tell you, that counts as summer!  
I am reading about jet fighter pilots and my brain and fully expect to be brilliant, in shape and young by the time school is back on.

Ananda girl is working and I'm not - at least not the kind of work someone will pay me for.  She must be the better man.  Her photos are GREAT! That makes her great! 

Not a very interesting post - but not much interesting happens around here, unless you count the propane tank being on zero as interesting!


  1. Gee thanks for the compliment. lol

    You want to see some photography go to Authorblog. David's blog is great. He does fun rhymes too.
    So does Stephen (photography) at

    You do some very interesting things and have fun interests. Maybe do a Big Lebowski post! Fun stuffs there.

  2. Hi! Just stopping over from Oodles of Funch :-) Always fun to meet and support a new blogger.

  3. Thanks Laura B. and it's always good to meet supportive people.

    Ananda girl - off to Authorblog I go (if I can find it)