Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Musings.

Yesterday I talked to my friend in Ellensburg who is a rancher.  She said she saw a video on youtube about mad cow.  

Suffice it to say, even though I have not seen the video, after talking with her, I will probably never eat beef again.  

Perhaps "organic" only.  

And I love beef.  :-(

Luckily I love chicken, too.  

And tofu is growing on me.

As I have tototally depressed myself, I will now post some more pictures from my day trip last week.  Plants make me happy.  Fishies, too.  

As you enter the exhibit at the Conservatory of Flowers you are greeted by a pond with fish. Hello fishies!

The Conservatory is made out of glass - whitewashed.  This room had some stained glass. Beautiful if you ask me.

I took this picture in the park - somewhat close to the turtles.  I am always trying to find a photo with red and green to use for a Christmas card.  I am not sure this is it, but you get the idea.

And these are the Monday Musings of Crazy Sunny!


  1. If you cook beef to medium or better there shouldn't be a problem. I like chicken, pork and lamb, too. (Don't say anything else)

    I like plants and fish, too. Some plants work well in salad and I like fish breaded or grilled, too.

    I like the conservatory (but breaded or grilled), very nice looking. We have a rainforest exhibit at our zoo here in Cleveland. It is pretty impressive.

  2. i took a mindful awareness class and one of the exercises was to eat very slowly and feel the texture of the food as well as to taste all aspects of the food.

    it put me off meat and made me love peanut butter and raspberry jam sandwiches.

  3. AlienCG - I am not sure you can cook away mad cow. Pork scares me - but I love bacon - go figure! A good lamb chop is yummy, too. Plants and fish are also delicious! I bet that your rainforest exhibit is very impressive.And humid. ;)

    billy - i am so not mindfully aware - what a wonderful idea! i love me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. raspberry jam is undoubtedly better. thank you so mush for sharing! yum yum yum!

  4. You guys are making me hungry...

    All that lovely San Francisco green... heavy sigh!
    You have no idea how badly I want to be there.

    But I'll take the ocean too.

    I no longer tolerate beef or pork in my system. But I will eat soup from beef broth. Is that crazy?

  5. I think you're right that cooking doesn't remove BSE. I haven't eaten non-seafood meat in 8 years, but not because of those diseases. Still, it's a nice bonus.

  6. My gf has me completely freaked out about mad cow. Pretty much only eating turkey burgers now, which are actually quite good.

    Hope you feel more sunshiney soon, I recommend going on a magical trip in search of mini-floating fire breathing pink crocodiles. They bring a smile to any one lucky enough to come across them.

  7. ananda - beef broth, on the stomach level makes sense, but for mad cow - or more correctly bovine spongiwhatever or BSE (thank you sa woman), i don't think having it in soup form will help. i'll take the ocean, too.

    se woman - you should be good on the BSE - but who knows - yikes! and I love seafood meat - lucky you!

    sebastien - i agree with her (your gf)- and you - it is freaky! - i haven't had ground turkey in years - thanks for reminding me. also just the thought of mini floating fire breathing pink crocodiles make me smile :-) let alone seeing them....hope to see a flock (or is that murder?) soon.

  8. I didn't know mad cow was an issue again. Guh. Oh well, I don't eat so much meat these days.

    Those are great photos...I especially loved the stained glass. Really beautiful.

  9. laura - let me just say - beef is not safe.

    thanks for the compliments on the photos. i love taking pictures of nature. i need to work on my people pictures, though.

    i think it will therapeutic. people scare me. i have to get close to them to get good photos, so in trying to get good photos of people, i will have to get close to them, so they will become less scary. right?

    thanks for visiting!

  10. I will share something that I'm sure will give you the same willies it gave me when I first heard it... please don't hate the messenger.

    The one thing that scared my college Virology professor was prions. He didn't worry about any of the other horrific viral (and bacterial) agents because he knew that there were things that could be done to combat each & every one of them.

    Not so with prions. They are not alive so you can't kill them. Unlike most proteins, they don't respond to heat unless it's incineration at temps of 1100 degrees F to 1800 degrees F and it is coupled with high pressure, like in a pressure cooker.

    The best way to combat prions is to not allow a sick animal into the food supply.

  11. cube - exactly! that is just what i hear and fear. no hate on my part. no worries, except from prions in the food chain.