Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Trivial Tuesday

In answer to last week's Seven Deadly Sins are this week's 

Seven Virtues.



Charity - Love





So those are the virtues.   Some are easier than others.

It's easy to love those who are lovable.

Fortitude is easy when you feel driven, but not so easy when you are afraid.

Hope in the face of hopelessness is not easy under any circumstance.

Temperance is easy when it's not something you are compulsive about.

Feel free to share your thoughts.  Easiest/hardest.  Worst/best, etc.

Happy Tuesday to all!


  1. I'm afraid I can only claim... Hope and Charity. the others elude me on a regular basis. I have a shaky Faith that runs on an odd set of rules. I've tweeked the manual a bit.

  2. But I'm working on it.

    p.s. I fed the fish.

  3. Ananda - they all elude me on a regualr basis! I think we have all tweeked the manual a bit. or more than a bit! and i sure am working on it - as i think all my good blogging buddies are, in one way ot another.

    as for the fish - i keep feeding them, too and they don't grow - which i guess is a good thing - as they would outgrow their environment otherwise.

    thanks for the visit, my friend.

  4. That is exactly right...it all feels so easy under the right circumstances. One little misstep though and all of a sudden there is a struggle going on.
    I would say for me, the most regularly difficult to sustain would be fortitude. I'm lacking.

  5. laura - exactly! and life is full of pitfalls (and triumphs!)

    thanks for chiming in! you are always so kind, upbeat and intuitive.