Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thursday's Victory Reports

Well, today is the day I would love to share with you that I found my camera cord and share a picture or two.   No such luck!

I am able to  share that we owe $1000.00 plus dollars for state and federal income taxes, as well as $275.00 to the tax preparer.  That's just such joyous news!

I am also able to share that Direct TV is  sucking us dry -NFL Sunday Ticket plus High Def services with a DVR is ridiculously expensive.  Do not get a high def TV - especially if you have Direct TV. I am not a fan of Direct TV.  Not at all!  The people on the phone are difficult to understand and are not able to help at all, except for telling me how much things cost.  And getting to an actual person is also painful.   Avoid Direct TV if you have any other option! (If you don't need Sunday Ticket, don't get Direct TV. Damn those Rams!)

I can share that I am now saving $40.00 on the phone bill by not having long distance or voicemail, etc on the home phone.  That is a victory!

Also - that I was able to deal with these financial issues at all is also a victory.  I have gone through all the paperwork in my bedroom - which I mentioned in my earlier posts - which is also also a victory!  Ooh - I do have pictures I can share!



And I don't have an end picture to share......not yet anyway.

So, although I have not found my camera cord - and I thought that I did not have any victories to share - I did have victories - I did - I did - I did!

The next thing I have to tackle are my student loans....and I have only a short time to get it done.  Hopefully I will be able to share the victory of how much money I owe a month on my student loans next week.  

One victory at a time!


  1. I have cable which is better in the fact that with Cox, customer service is all based in the US. That cable is very close, I can sense it.

    I paid my student loans off in less than half the time.

  2. AlienCG - Customer service in the US? That would a be a plus!

    If only I had paid that first loan off.....I do qualify for a program that will pay most of the student loan off if I continue to work in special education in a title one school. So in five years I should be done with the loans. I just need to figure out how to set it all up.

  3. Yes, those are big victories. Looking at a bill is a victory for me... paying it wins the war. Paper work stinks.

    I avoid it so much that my VEBA account owes me a good chunk of money but I hate to fill out the forms. I have to do it now or I'll be going back to school near naked and they frown on that there.

  4. ananda - i totally understand ab out not dealing with the VEBA account - except what VEBA is....but i mean not dealing with stuff, even if there is money for you in it. Hey get the VEBA money for more clothes for dating!

  5. I have Directv too...but not hi-def. I like it! And I am happy to pay for premium channels, because sadly television is my main source of entertainment :-)
    You are winning the war on paper! Good for you, C4C. And I can't wait to see the "after" shot.

  6. laura - i am glad you like Direct - really - I am glad (I wish I did).

    It is a war - that thing with paper. Thank you so much for your support!

  7. Keep it up with the cleaning! and damn, hate hearing about all those bills. The NFL is so rich, of course they need more of our money! Government needs our money as well to buy tricked out military humvees and fancy jets. Cool.

  8. Sebastien - Don't even remind me of governmental excesses! I don't mind paying for roads, schools and good stuff - but military killing stuff no! Paying soldiers and giving them and their families health care, yes. Killling, no.

    Thanks for bringing that sensitive subject up!

    And thank you so much for visiting!