Thursday, August 6, 2009

Victory Thursday

Instead of using my credit card to go on vacation this year, I used it to buy a pair of high end running shoes.  

Not that I am going to run, mind you, but because I heard that they make good shoes for the shoe challenged.  I hate shoes.  I wish we could be barefoot all the time.  But shoes must be worn on many occasions.  They are especially helpful when walking on rocky trails and in hard places.  So I bought a pair of shoes that offer support for my freakishly wide feet with high (and I do mean high arches).

I finally wore them outside today, being relatively sure that I was not going to return them. 

Off I walked.  I walked on the trail by our house that runs along a canal/flume type waterway.  I walked further that I ever had on the trail - and didn't even notice until I was at the end of the line - and I am crediting it to those new high end running shoes.

(I would insert a photo here of the waterway, but I still can't find the cord that connects my camera to the computer and my handy dandy work MacBook does not seem to have a place to insert cards and my home computer was made before there were cameras.)

That's my Thursday Victory (that and being very glad that I am not afraid of dogs because I ran across a black Lab and Great Dane on my adventure - who were sweet - but would have been quite scary if I were afraid of dogs).

Thanks for viewing and enjoy your almost Friday!

Peace out.


  1. I think really comfortable, well made shoes are totally worth the investment...not that I tend to spend much on shoes. I do go mostly for the comfort factor though.
    And I would have been afraid of those dogs...I have, lets call it...a nice healthy respect for strange dogs.

  2. Those are some frakkin' cool shoes. I also shoot for comfort. Life is too short for anything less.

    I'm not afraid of dogs, but I am wary of strange ones. I watch their signals before I approach and 99% of the time, it is a friendly encounter.

  3. I need a new paid of shoes for walking. Unfortunately, I have totally flat feet, so finding a pair that accommodates me is not that easy. I also wear a size 16 which is also hard to find.

  4. Hahahaha... I have those exact shoes. We have such good taste! Yay for walking! It is a victory to get out there and be brave. I would have been afraid of the dogs until they made it clear that there would be no attack. I love dogs too. ??? ananda is a chicken.

  5. laura - yes comfortable shoes are worth a lot. these dogs were big, but obviously friendly. the lab followed me all the way home and hung out for awhile - but eventually took off.

    cube - thanks! indeed i was wary of these dogs, and checked out the body language - the lab acted like a happy happy pup and i could see that a mile away!

    aliencg - wow! you have worse shoe problems than me! find a brand you like and stick with them. it may be predicitble - but that wins out over discomfort any day!

    Ananda - yes we do! yes for walking! yes - the dogs were obviously friendly - speaking of chickens as the black lab (i named him rudy) followed me home, we went past the chicken coop - he had obvioulsy never seen chickens before, as the hair on his back rose up and he got a tad bit skiddish. the chickens ran up their ramp to safey (and there is a little fence).

    Thanks to all for visiting!

  6. I had a pair of those, good shoes. Like they say, always treat your feet right and... they'll stink and itch anyway.

  7. yay for happy feet! i too prefer to go barefoot but because of back problems needed something more supportive. enter the birkenstock. not stylish but the next best thing to barefeet in my opinion. glad you found some shoes to make your feet comfy.

    thanks for stopping by my place too.

  8. texlahoma - good shoes indeed. yep - feet will always be feet - they might as well be happy feet.

    thanks for the comment!

    lime - birkenstocks are the bomb! i wore them for years, but now i need a bit of a heel. i rememeber slipping my foot into a birk and my foot saying ahhhhhhh, this feels good and then i would smile contentedly. ah yes, birks!

    your place is great, BTW. thanks for having it available to the likes of me!