Saturday, August 1, 2009

Winter Scavenge

While winter is not my favorite season, it is a good time.  I do not feel like dying in the winter, as I do in the summer when I am hot.  

I only have 2 of my own photos of winter to share.  

The first I believe I have already shared with you - Hold See, Dan-Du, Toothy and Hubby, AKA Thurston, in Cicely Alaska AKA Roslyn Washington.  

This is a place that I would not mind living, if I had a way of making money artistically.  My friend with the ranch AKA Morning Glory's mother, lives near here.  It could work.  The town is built over coal mines, so I would be a bit wary of sink holes, but other than that, I think it would be a dandy place to live.

I took the 2nd picture the day before the Alaska picture.  I took it on Christmas morning in Seattle.  I like it, but have never found a place to use it.  So here it is, and since I took the picture in winter, it counts as a winter picture.

And there you have it - Crazy Sunny's winter photo scavenger hunt.

And a good day to you!


  1. Hahaha... I do like that second shot very much. Is it a pull chain decoration? Or just mere decor? Makes you want to know the story.

    Snow and camels... only you. ;)

    Love it!

  2. Winter is dangerous. Better to live where we live. Alaska would be pretty cool though. I wouldn't mind getting to be a fisherman for a couple of seasons in the Bering Sea.

  3. I like that wingtip hanging from the pull chain, very cool. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Why is everyone blogging about winter? It will get here too soon as it is.

  5. ananda - it was just a shoe hanging in a store window - it was a shoe store, of course! as for snow and camels - i didn't paint the mural - just photographed it - i have a summer picture of that mural too.

    sebastien - both season extremes can be dangerous. imagine living in the desert without air conditioning! i love watching most dangerous catch but never in a million years would i want to be out there on that deck! winter or summer! you're a better man than me!

    aliencg - i loved the picutre of a shoe in a window too - thanks for the thanks!

    secret agent - we are blogging about winter 'cuz that was the word for this week's scavenger hunt. winter came from summer! i'm uessing you must live in a cold weather climate! where too much is too much. am i wrong?

  6. Northern Exposure! I loved that show :-) Thanks for the great winter pictures...

  7. laura - i loved northern exposure, too! thanks for thanking me.