Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Scavenger Hunt - Xanadu

Xanadu - used to convey an impression of a place that is almost unattainably luxurious and beautiful.

To me, living by the ocean is Xanadu.

Mendocino, CA

Point Reyes, CA

Mendocino. CA

Mendocino is my Xanadu.  

Point Reyes is a close second.

Enjoy my Xanadu.

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. Oh, I truly appreciate your Xanadu. There is nothing like being near the ocean, is there.

  2. laura b - oh, you are quite right, my friend - there is nothing like being near the ocean. thanks for visiting!

  3. Beautiful!! Only problem is the sharks. They can get you even if you are high up on the cliff, they have an amazing leaping ability.

  4. Sebastien - You are soo funny! What a wonderful sense of imagination. It must be grand to see the world through your eyes!

  5. billy - there you go! thanks for visiting!

  6. dmarks - nice alliteration. thanks for visiting and commenting!

  7. I am missing that Xanadu sooooo much in my life of late. The ocean renews me like no other place on earth.

    When I was a kid I had eczema horribly on my legs, arms and hands. The ocean was the only thing that made it go away for brief periods of time. An hour in the surf was worth all the medicine they ever tried. My Lourdes.

  8. Ananda - my parents took me to the ocean about once a year - i loved it. Thanks for commenting, Ananda - I always enipy what you have to say.

    No Regrets - I really think it's hard to take a bad picture of the ocean. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  9. Beautiful photos. I love the ocean too. Funny how my life I've always lived in the proximity of water. I can't imagine being landlocked.

  10. cube - How very fortunate for you to have always been close to water. Please enjoy it for me and all the other landlaocked water lovers. Thanks for viewing and commenting!