Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Trivial Tuesday

So the big news around here today (which is not the big news from yesterday which involved a CHP helicopter that circled the house, sheriff all over the property with dogs and  a Hold See freak out - they were looking for a guy wanted on domestic violence charges and seemed to think he was lurking around our steep and rocky property)  - no -  the big news here today is that Air Horn Guy got two P.O. money orders delivered by UPS totaling 1700.00 dollars, US.

It says it's from some lady in New Jersey that he doesn't know.  He is at the Post Office now, trying to sniff out whether they are real money orders or not.  They were just in the paper envelope with no explanation.

Here he is on the phone trying to find out who sent the money.

I told him I should get some of the money because I handed him the envelope.  I think Hold See signed for it, so he should get some of it, too.

So the title of my post should be Mystery Tuesday, because $1700.00 is not trivial!

Well, Air Horn Guy just got back from the Post Office.  He was told that the P.O money orders were totally fake and they confiscated them.  They told his to check his spam folder.  Boo hoo. The creepy thing is that some creepy total stranger has our address. Another Boo Hoo.

Air Horn Guy just found the spam email that talked about the money - he was supposed to go to WalMart and use Western Union.  Mystery Shopper.  I told you I should have named today's post Mystery Tuesday!

I think we might should start locking the doors!


  1. How creepy is that!!!! Yikes. Assholes.

  2. I grew up in Manhattan so I always lock my doors. Always. No exceptions.

    One day while vactioning in Cape Cod with my in laws, my mother-in-law & I took the girls for a walk. I was the last one out and naturally locked the door. Guess what? My m-i-l didn't have her keys because she never locked the doors when she went for her daily walk. Say What?

    Anyway, rather than call the males who had gone
    golfing for the day, I climbed up and broke into the bathroom window and let us into the house.

    To this day, I don't understand leaving your car or your house unlocked when you leave. I guess growing up in New York left its mark on my psyche forever.

  3. Aw man...that sucks on a few different levels.

    And there must be something in the air. The police copter is about to drive me insane over here tonight.

  4. Scary that people fall for it.

  5. ananda - assholes is right!

    cube - how cool that you grew up in manhattan! what a thrilling ride that must have been. the center of culture! of course you locked your doors. I would be sure to lock them too if i had grown up there - - although maybe after years of country life.......

    laura - yeah - it sure does suck...as for the criminal activity. maybe it's the moon, or sunspots or barametric pressure...

    Pamela - not only do they steal money from these poor suckers, they take their dignity too - as a mystery shopper they are told to observe and take copious notes on clerk activity and the whole consumer experience. those folks are downright evil, i think.