Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday's Victory Reports

I cannot report student loan victories, nor the finding of my camera cord.

I can report that I am back at work, my room is settled and that the new principal and vice principal seem to be capable and sane.  We are not used to either  (capable sanity) - so it will take some getting used to.

I have purchased a new camera cord.  

I haven't opened the package yet, being sure that as soon as I do, the old cord will reappear.  I had hoped that buying the cord would do it, but it seems that I must open the package for the old cord to resurface.

Next week I know I will have more to share....

Thank you so much for stopping by!


  1. Yes ma'am that is exactly how it works. You may as well give up and crack the package.

    Yay! For sanity and capable. I have one of those and I really like him. We don't get to have vice principals. One man show land. But sane is good.

  2. i hope you got a room with a view.

  3. It always helps to have a backup cord anyway. Hopefully you do find the original soon.

    I managed to pay off my student loans in 4 years. I was making double and triple payments, but I was living rent free.

    Capable and sane....does not compute.

  4. I would call capable, sane boss-types a definite victory.

    Alien has a good point...if your old cord reappears, you will have this back-up to make sure it never dares to disappear again.

  5. It can't hurt to have a spare crd lying baout. If you're like me, it's nevr in the right place any way.

  6. Ha, I like the approach to buying the new cord so the old one will show up. Sounds like somehting I'd do...

  7. some where there is a drawer with the camera cord..just saying..

  8. Ok, you all convinced me to open the camera cord package. Will do! Thank you soo much for the input! I appreciate you all so much everyday!

    Ananda - I am glad you have a sane administrator.

    Billy - In fact, I do not. All us special ed people are in the same portable and I am in the middle - sans window. Sigh.

    AlienCG - I do so wish I had paid all of the dang things before - even better - never got them in the first place. It's not like I am making an impressive amount of money being a special education teacher. As for sane and capable - we'll see - you never know...looks can be deceptive.

    laura b. - if it's true about the admin - it will be an absolute victory!

    secret agent woman - rarely is anything in the right place in my house. not all the time, anyway!

    Pamela - Great minds think alike!

    YellowDog - i hear what you're saying....