Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ananda Country

The state of California, in all their wisdom, yesterday granted me a clear credential to teach Special Education.  To celebrate I would like to share some photos that I took last summer.

And a good day to you, sir.  (Larry, you're killing your father)


  1. Oh I do love these crazy4!

    1&2) are The Bridge of the Gods... taken from the parking lot of the Charburger Restaurant... where my oldest was cook at that time.

    3) is the Bonneville Fish Hatchery. There are millions of salmon babies under those nets. The nets keep the birds from having a feast on the little "Fall Brights" would be my guess.

    4&5) I must admit that this confuses me a bit. Yes, I know this spot very well. It's the little viewing turret at Horsetail falls... but where is the falls? You took a photo of the turret and not the falls?

    In all seriousness... and thanks for being such a good sport to my teasing... the stone work here is amazing. This road where this is taken is the old highway. Two very narrow lanes that twist like Chubby Checker all the way from Corbet to Datson... 40 miles of carsickness. But the workmanship on that stone is fabulous. It was one of the government work programs that was used to inject much needed funds into the ailing economy of that period.

    Much of the work done on both sides of the river was at the hands of the great and frightening Sam Hill and Samuel Lancaster. I think they began the highway in 1913. Check out Sam Hill's house here:
    or his replica of Stonehingehere:

    Next time you come up, we will go to Maryhill. I love it there. The artwork is wonderful and ever changing.

    Great photos crazy4!!!

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by at my place. Appreciate it!

    I love shots of stuff you don't normally see, so the underside of the bridge did it for me. Cool.

  3. Cool pictures! First place looks like a good location to bury your enemies.

    And congrats on the license. Those kiddos don't know what they're in for :)

  4. ananda - thanks for tour guiding - i wasn't sure of the name of the fishery. i can't get the falls in one shot - so i stuck with the stonework. thanks for the links. i had no idea there was really a sam hill!

    suldog - thanks so much for visiting. i like to see things from different angles - always have. thanks!

  5. Geez... I got so excited over the photos that I forgot to tell you CONGRATULATIONS! Well done indeed.

  6. sebastien - indeed - let's bury 'em under the bridge! that'll show them!

    and thanks on the congrats - i worked hard - and those kids will show respect! (they get wild and crazy without it) (the classroom is such a wierd thing - especially the special ed classroom - i should sell tickets)

    is it wierd that i play with my own fish?

  7. Nice pics, the landscape is a lot different than it is here. I like the curved, mossy rock.

  8. Congratulations! And thanks for celebrating with photos. I love that mossy little wall.

    Oh, and don't worry...most people play with their own fish at one time or another. It is perfectly normal and any stories you hear about the ill effects are just made up to shame you. Don't listen. :-D

  9. texlahoma - welcome! indeed oregon's landscape is different from most. i love it there - it's like all is right with the world. in my mind green (the color around you) is good. BTW, thanks for following Rasing Sunny.

    laura - thank you for the congrats! thanks for the fishy advice! are you sure it's normal?

  10. Great scenic pictures. I like the bridges, very nice shots. And a fish hatchery? Mmmm, fresh fish.

  11. aliencg - i know! fresh fish! but they were all locked up and all of two inches long! big sigh.