Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wandering Wednesday

I have decided to change the name of Wednesday's post - I am done with Wacko Wednesday (until something else interesting happens on that front).

So as Wednesdays wander into the middle of the week, I will wander into the middle of my post, like a child, like Donny.

It has been a hot week here.  I do not enjoy heat - I am an opposite Seasonal Affective kind of person.  I get depressed in the summer, not the winter.  The winter is a good season for me - but I have never lived where it snows so much that I have to shovel it - so I really don't know winters at all - I realize this.  

Summers have always been difficult for me.  First problem with summer is: - - wait!   I just realized I should be sharing my summer problems on Saturday - the scavenger hunt word is summer - so no more wandering around in summer until Saturday.

I guess I will share a few pictures and then be done with the wandering.  I wonder as I wander.....

This is the cannon on the lawn in front of the Veteran's Hall here in town.  It's good to know that we are protected (on a side street in town, above the freeway).

These are sequoia trees - in the Avenue of the Giants.   We had a picnic here.  I would love to go camping in one of these groves someday.  I haven't been camping since forever ago.  Deep sigh.

This picture was taken on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe.  We climbed down from the road and sat on some very big rocks.  The water was very choppy that day.  The guys and gal went swimming, sunned themselves and drank, while I sat on rocks and took pictures.  The husband and Joe-Ash were back at the rented house sleeping.  

And allow me to add a chicken picture - no Wandering Wednesday would be complete without one.  The ladies are still not laying - but after further research I discovered that it take 6 to 8 months for them to become sexually mature.  I did not remember that from previous chickens.  

And this concludes this week's  Wandering Wednesday post.  Have a marvelous day as you wander through your week!


  1. Those are your chickens?!

    The sequoias look amazing.

    Summer is blistering hot here in Phx as well. Fortunately there is ac, without it, don't know how we'd make it through.

  2. It's 82 here today, much better than steamy 98 yesterday.

    I miss the sequoias... but have my own Sequoia (Sookie Toots' real name.) She's special too.

    I love your chickens. Funny feathery feet!

  3. P.S. I finally have my post up! Geez...

  4. sebastien - indeed they are my chickens - a birthday present from dandu and toothy. sequoias are amazing! i doubt there would be so many people in the west without air conditioning.

    ananda - 98? YIKES!!!! furry feet chickens are fun, yes? - also - fun post over there in your neck o' the woods!

  5. I think every town needs a cannon and those sequoias are huge. The summer over here in Cleveland has been incredibly mild, today barely made it into the 70's.

    I love chickens, especially fried and served with mac 'n' cheese. Great photos. Pleasure wandering with you through this post.

  6. Ah, I love a good wander. I am a big fan of heat and summertime. I guess I live in the right place, because I'd probably die if I had to live through many days below, say, 55 degrees. haha!
    That photo of the sequoias is wonderful. Camping does sound really nice right about now.
    Great post :-)

  7. Do you have to give the chickens a talk about the birds and the bees?

  8. aliencg - incredibly mild summers sound really good to me! i guess every town needs a cannon - but when it's set in cement how are you going to point it in the right direction?

    laura - i am glad that you love a good wnader! that is something i can do...wander! it seems that many of us live right where we should. if not, we can move! it's not easy - but it can be done!

    noregrets - i am hoping that i will not have to talk to them - they have been "sexed" already and should all be girls. i have heard a male keeps them happy - but roosters can be very aggressive and noisy- so i would rather not go there. after all, they already are birds and what do they need to know about bees anyway?