Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lebowski Friday (A Tad Bit Early!)

Today's post is probably my last Lebowski post.  I lost the San Francisco photos in a computer crash.  (There is a Fest in San Fran this weekend - but I am not going.)  

I have run out of photos - so sit back and enjoy, what may well be, the last Lebowski Friday!

This is Shut the feck up Donny!  Cutie pie, huh?

This is a beeper dude - I love the beeper dudes.  I was carrying a beeper back then - I can relate!

You can't really tell (click on the photo & you can see clearly), but these guys have beaks and wings ~ Yes, they are the fu##ing Eagles (as in I hate the fu##ing Eagles)  And proud we are of all of them!

And this is two thirds of Autobaun.  They were so cute - it took them awhile to compose themselves - the posture, the facial position.  They were adorable!

See you on down the road.  The Dude abides!  


  1. Here's my Dude movie quote for today...

    "Darkness warshed over the Dude... darker'n a black steer's tookus on a moonless prairie night."

    I thought the cow theme fit your blog well.

    I am so sorry about the computer eating your photos! How sad.

  2. Why don't I own this movie? I really have to correct this problem. Great pictures, thanks for sharing.

  3. Get thee to another Lebowski Fest! I feel I am growing dependent on these photos...people are so clever and sweet!

  4. That guy really does look like Lebowski! amazing

  5. Ananda - Great Quote! Truely great - Did you know that Sam Elliot really had no idea what he was doing in the movie? But he showed up anyway!

    Alien - At least Netflix it!

    laura - i might start nabbing pix from their website - i did see a picture there of the backside of I Am the Walrus - with the beaver tail - pretty funny!

    Sebastien - it is amazing how like the dude these guys can look!

    And thank all of yous guys for coming and commenting! i really appreciate it - i do! You Are The Best!