Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Trivial Tuesday

My friend Morning Glory has come to visit - so blogs may be few and far between.  Here she is at her recent wedding.  She is dancing the father -daughter dance with her dad.  It was a great party!

As for trivia - let's go Hollywood this week.  More deaths, of course - 

The first was Miss Kitty - Amanda Blake - she played Marshall Dillion's madame girlfriend on Gunsmoke.  She died in 1989 from AIDS, supposedly contracted from her bi-sexual husband.

The second death was Sonny Bono of I Got You Babe fame.  He died in 1998 when he crashed into a tree while skiing.  Watch out, Sonny!

The final Hollywood death for Trivial Tuesday is that of Ashley Wilkes (of Gone with the Wind fame - Scarlett's crush of many years & Miss Melanie's cousin/husband) real name - Leslie Howard, died in 1943 when his private plane was shot down by German planes in World War II.

This a lovely montage of the love triangle set to punk - ish music - check it out!

And this, my wonderful virtual friends, is my Trivial Tuesday offering for this week.


  1. Lessons I've learned...don't marry a bi-sexual, don't ski (this one especially, as I am super clumsy), and... don't fly in a war zone?

    Have fun visiting with your friend. She is a beautiful bride :-)

  2. Ha! I got a real kick out of the video, even though I'm not an neo Avril Levine fan.

    Beautiful bride, your Morning Glory! Congratulations on your recent wedding! Be happy!

    Fun post crazy4coens. Have fun you two.

  3. I hope Amanda Blake didn't know the guy was bi-sexual when she married him.

    Why is it that a Kennedy dies in a skiing accident and it's a national tragedy. Sonny Bono dies in the same way and it's late night talk show joke fodder.

    Not flying over a war zone is pretty good advice. I hope somebody from the German army got fired for this error.

  4. All this time I thought Amanda Blake died of complications of mouth cancer. I had no idea AIDS was the complication :-(

  5. laura -those sound like good lessons! i am glad i could add to your vast supply of knowledge! and mrs glory was a very beautiful bride!

    ananda - i liked the video too! i chose it for you - the edgier side of sears!

    alien - i hope she didn't know he was bi, too! good point about the differences in skiing accident responses - i did not notice at the time - i do remember that cher was a mess - probably feeling guilty. i bet no german fired anyone over a dead english movie star during ww2.

    cube - i didn't know what miss kitty died of - poor lady - she seemed so nice!

    thank you all for commenting!