Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trivial Tuesday

Here are some trivial things you have been dying to know:

101 Dalmations and Peter Pan are the ONLY Disney movies where both parents are present throughout the movie and don't die.

Most lipstick contains fish scales.

A cat has 32 muscles in each ear.

This is Mildrid - the cat in residence at Casa de Refugio.

Something has been eating my garden.  

I wish I had taken a picture of the garden on Sunday.  The zucchini plant was big,  strong and healthy, as were the tomato plants.  Monday morning this is what they looked like.  It took me a while to notice that they had been chomped on from the top down :(  I have never seen deer on the garden side of the property - but I guess the can get over there - I guess they can get anywhere the food calls to them.  Deep sigh, heavy sadness!

Have a grand Tuesday my friends!


  1. haha! That is funny about the harshness of Disney movies. I always think of Bambi...Your mother won't be with you anymore... OMG.

    Excellent trivia...I am sorry to hear about your garden though. Seems it has been a tough year for the gardeners.

  2. laura - moms and dads die in disney movies - do not accept a role as a disney parent - you won't be around for long!

    thanks for the positive feedback!

  3. fish scales in lipstick, that explains everything.

  4. Wendy's parents were around - but wasn't Peter Pan an orphan? Along with the Lost Boys, presumably. Disney had a thing about killing off parents.

  5. Secret - Yeah - Peter Pan was parent-less - and the story of Peter Pan starts with the parents going for a night out and leaving the dog in charge. The dog! They were terrible parents! They do not count!

    That leaves a pair of Dalmations as the only intact parent set in Disney history.

    Magical, my ass!

  6. billy - i thought the same thing when I read it - not much of a lip stick person myself - couldn't keep up the reapplication ritual multiple times a day - just wasn't important enough to me

  7. I am so sorry about your garden! Deer ate my dad's peach trees... he was livid. Did a little troll dance.

    I am not surprised about the Disney films. Or maybe I am surprised that some of the parents live! hahaha

    So that's how the cat does that.

  8. ananda - thanks for your sorrys and i posted at 12:30 and it still came out yesterday - what is that about?

  9. Disney parents are about as rare as wives on Bonanza. My father used to warn me to never marry a Cartwright.

    Sorry about your garden. Ours are preyed upon slowly by bugs. A slow painful death.

  10. cube - very funny - and disney and the cartwrights were back to back on sunday nights on nbc. hum.........

    we have bugs, too - so really i shouldn't plant anything because anything that grows here will suffer pain and violence. big sigh.

  11. Damn! I see you are dealing with some sort of terrorist animal as I am with my garden. Most likely culprits in my area are rogue terrorist rabbits... but now I am beginning to have suspicions on the cactus wrens, seen them hanging around my pepper plants, makes me nervous.

  12. Sebastien - Welcome to my blog!
    Why would any animal want to eat peppers? You'd think htye would know to stay away. But perhaps they paid for it later - you can only hope.

    I am pretty sure the animals eating my plants are deer because they have been eaten from the top down and little animals would eat from the bottom up. I planted garlic and marigolds around my little plot, but apparently that does not frighten the deer. Heavy sigh.

    Again welcome to Raising Sunny!

  13. i found you looking at gooogle images, ill follow you if you follow me :)