Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday's Victory Reports

Hold See's band Mildrid had a show last night at Pistol Pete's.  

It is really a bar, but I guess they needed more business, so they got the shop next to them, put in a pizza oven and viola ~ families welcome!

The show was fan-fecking-tastic.  I kid you not!  Still no Youtube - but OMG - they have arrived. I will share their music as soon as possible.  Instead of the music, I will share some of my experience in photos.

Here is Mildrid - in the flesh:

and on Jesse's drum head~

(Caleb photo shopped a picture of Mildred and that is now the band's logo)

This is the bouncer who tried to card me - 

I just stared at him  (probably with my lip curled up -and he then got a better look at me and rescinded his request).  

These are Hold See's friends who asked him, "Your mom is so young, is she 40 yet?"

And since Hold See does not know exactly how old I am, he just told them I was in my 50's. Heavy sigh.  Not that it's not true, but heavy sigh anyway.

And here is Air Horn Guy - he worked the door for awhile.

As for moderation in drinking, I am not sure how well I did on that end - and although I did not have the foresight to take photos of what I drank, I will share with you - Cuervo Gold, three slices of lime, Corona and Negra Modelo (not my favorite, especially since it was not cold enough).  Three drinks, $16.00 with tips.  Good thing I am independently wealthy!  (Not!)

So the band was a hit, people thought I looked much younger than I am (probably 'cuz of the black Lebowski shirt with black flow-ee skirt that I wore), and I didn't get stopped driving home ~ all in all ~ a great night!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Sounds like a fabulous time! I wish I could have been there.

    I love that the band is named for your cat!!!!
    Mildred makes me want to scritch her. Those eyes!

    I believe you about Mildred the band having arrived. You have so much talent in your boys. A true musical family, yours. Gets it from their dad, they do. I recall that clearly.

  2. like my good buddy lazarus long always said, moderation is for monks.

  3. What fun. I remember going the first time I took my kids to see their guitar teacher's band. Death metal music, new to me. His mother was their and she came over and told me she cried the firts time she heard it!

  4. Hopefully I'll have a show or two to go to next weekend. There are a few this weekend, but prior plans have to come first.

    Holy crap! It's a good thing I don't drink.

  5. billy-- There's nothing like pantheistic solipsism! (The things I could do with that.)
    That old buzzard knew how to live and live and live.

  6. billy - he also said - Do not handicap your children by making their lives easy - but that don't make it true - although both probably are true. also - i don't think monks are very moderate, really - look at how they live.

    secret agent woman - now, did the teacher's mom cry from pride or from pain? i've done both. thanks for visiting!

    aliencg - shows are fun - i am happy for you!

    drinking can be very bad, um-kay?

  7. This sounds like such a good time! And I NEVER look young enough to be carded. Drat. :-D

  8. Yes, do give us links to this band! I trust your tastes, very much so :)

  9. laura - it was a very nice night! as for being carded - you are probably just not fat like me - all that facial fat fill out the wrinkles - at least that is my theory!

    Sebastien - As soon as there is a link to Mildrid - I will post it - no worries! Thanks for trusting my tastes - you will be let down!

  10. I love getting let down. Nothing like getting one's hopes and dreams crushed.