Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Musings

Well - other than being too hot,  the weekend was good.  I spent Saturday on a lake with friends - the non drinking Christan lady kind of friends.  My camera was almost out of batteries so here is the only photo I took - 

Bullards Bar - Nevada County, CA
Looks like a hell-ish kind of place, doesn't it?

And I would like to tell you my recycling story - with photos!

I collect plastic at school - and I had bags of it left from the end of the school  year.  Usually I beg some poor sucker here at the Casa to take it to the recycling center - but I have pretty much gotten everybody (except Joe-Ash) to take one load for me - so it was my turn. 

I sorted it all out - took me awhile in the sun (and you may or may not know how much I do not like being in the sun) - stuffed it in the car and went to the recycling center.

Sat in a car line - kinda cute little place they have - cute stuff - see here?

And after all that sorting work all I got was 39 dollars.  Hardly worth my time - but it  is worth getting all that plastic back to it's mother so it can be remade into more bottles or bags or clothes.

Also Mildrid had another show - 

Mildrid @ Bloom's Coffee on Roseville

and they have their shirts now.  

And of course they had a Myspace all along I just didn't know it - but Hold See told me not to share the link with you.  He wants you to hear the finished project - not the work in progress.

Also - speaking of my sons' music - DanDu has suggested that my blogger friends check out Drinkin at Your Funeral on iTunes.  Feel free to buy a song or two.  Would help out a good cause.  Music!

And there you have it, my friends!  Monday musings.

See ya on down the road.


  1. I am in awe of your mad recycling skills! It is nice to get a bit of extra cash (and I know plastic never adds up), but yeah, it is very cool just to be recycling.
    I am a new Drinkin at Your Funeral fan :-) And let us know when Mildred want us to have a listen.

  2. laura - i absolutley will let you know when mildrid is ready for visitors - and yeah on the Drinking fan thing - thanks!

  3. Lots of recycling and all you got was 39 bucks? Well, it's $39 you didn't have before.

    I'll have to check out Drinkin'. Thanks for sharing what you can so far.

  4. Alien - I know -right? And you're welcome!

  5. Good for you with the recycling project. My town recently instituted curbside recycling with points earned toward discounts with variuosmerchants, to try to reduce stuff that goes in to the landfill.

  6. Cool beans! I recycle too, but not to that degree. We also have one day a week curb side recycle. At school the recycle is done by the sped. class. Must be something good about those teachers.:)

  7. yes, maybe recycling is a special education kind of function. it is a good thing to do, functional and somewhat financially relavant. it seems like it should pay more - cans pay more than plastic - and i only had one bag of cans this time. and i did not know glass was supposed to be separtated - what do you know? something i didn't know ;-) it is amazing, actually, the things i do not know.

  8. I'd recycle for $39... hell yeah! I don't get diddly for what I do. It all goes to the city which taxes me to death for the pleasure. Consider yourself fortunate.

    I'm thinking Mildred is an awesome band to see. I knew them when they were just... a kittens band ;-)

  9. cube - i can put my recycling out by the trash, too. i have been told that the jail detainees sort it. i take it in myself to get the money. and i sort it myself, too.

    as for mildrid - they are almost a cat band fully grown!

  10. secret agent woman - you snuck in there! i hope your credits will actually get to you for recycling - they really should reward it and make it easy for the citizens to be good citizens! thanks for visiting and commenting!

  11. I know this is off topic, but I thought you might like it.

    Big Lebowski art print

  12. Ha! Good for you for saving the world, AND getting money out of it.

  13. That is a fun t-shirt! can't wait to hear their music, tried to find them on myspace but had a bit of trouble, seems another band has that same name.

    And you are doing a good deed, but man that is a lot of trash. I have to say that on average, we in the US are becoming more aware of what we use and throw away.

  14. Oh, and cube's comment reminded me that I wanted to send you a link to this Lebowski poster by Tyler Stout:

  15. cube - i love the art print! thank you sooo much for sharing it!

    pamela - some days i wish i could save the world - other days i think it's hopeless - and i would aways like to get money!

    Sebastien - mildridmusic might be the ticket - but you didn't hear it from me! the t-shirt is great! they put the logo on down low - like on the stomach instead of the chest - i have never seen anything like it.

    thanks for the good deed comment - and i think we are becoming more aware of our consumption - we are consumers! and thanks for the poster link - another great poster - it is amazing how many people are loving the whole lebowski experience!