Saturday, July 4, 2009

Saturday - Answering Friday 5 (Thanks to laura b)

These questions are all 4th of July / Firework related.

I got the idea to post them today from Mizz Ananda.  Stole it right from her.  I was supposed to answer them on Friday - but no - borrowing Ananda's genius - I am answering the questions today!  Whoo - whoo - what a copycat rebel I am.

1.  How do you feel about fireworks displays?

I am a fan of corporate firework displays.  I love gathering with groups of strangers and ohhing and ahhing over the displays.  I feel a sense of belonging.  It also reminds me of Gandalf delighting the hobbits with his firework displays.  All this said, tonight I will probably drive a few blocks away and watch the fireworks from a hill overlooking our town.  This enables me to miss the crowds, but still have a bit of the community ohs and ahs.

2.  What were the details of one of your mishaps with fire?

Back in the day - I was a smoker.  I know it's hard to imagine - but it is true.  I was at school (we could smoke anywhere and anytime) and I threw my cigarette butt in the trash.  Well, predictably,  a bit later, the trash started smoldering and instead of manning up and dealing with it - I started laughing (Miz Ananda is right - I will laugh at ANYTHING).  My behavior (or lack thereof) caused a staff member (that's what we called the teachers) to have to deal with it. She glared at me and took care of it before an outright fire broke out.  

Not actually me, but I was pretty much that dweeby.

3.  Who in your life could be described as a real firecracker?

I would have to say my middle child, Dandu.  He has calmed down a lot, but as a child he was in constant motion.  If something in the room could be broken, there was a good chance he would be the one for the job.  Wow, did he move around alot!  He was not portable - I couldn't take him to movies (until he was old enough to be interested), restaurants, and oh my gosh the museum visits were incredible.  The guards would follow us around and radio each other with updates on our movements.  He threw a baby bottle at a painting in Malibu.  He even once put his finger in a charcoal drawing and added his own black marks to it, as I was dragging him out the front door.  Oh my gosh!  

He is a wonderful adult now and the only one of us who is likely to get something done before never.  

Actual picture of Dandu at a museum (I think in Paris - but I'm not sure).  As I said, he has calmed down.

4.  When did you last feel you were being put on display?

I had to do a oral presentation for the credential program that I just completed.  I had a powerpoint prepared, handouts for all and realia to share. I expected the panel to be warm and supportive. That's what I had been told.   Yikes - my panel was downright hostile.  It was kinda horrifying.  But I survived - so it's all good.

5.  How confident are you in your barbecuing skills?

Confident enough to cook for my family - but I would rather not pull out the grill for fancy (decent people) guests.

Thanks for making your way to the end of my post (if you did and if you didn't well thanks anyway!).  Have a wonderful Saturday.


  1. Funny! Dandu must have been a challenge. He's sure nice a looker.

    That girl by the barrel is as dorky as you! lol Who is she?

    So did Mom-sha put the fire out? Oddly enough I think you were her favorite.

  2. Miz Ananda - I don't know who the girl is - good ol google images.

    Lu put out the smolder - she never really treated me the same - but that coud have been my guilty conscience. Mom-sha - as weird and inappropriate as she was, was probably my favorite - her and Wm.

  3. Oh my... Wm. Such a sweetheart! The best teacher I have ever ever had and a good, honorable soul to boot.

    Lu loved you dearly, silly. Your biggest fan!

  4. Wow... is the net dead today or what? lol

  5. Thanks for doing Friday 5...any day is good for it. Your middle child sounds so much like my middle child, Social Animal.
    I love that representation of your that Twelve Angry Men? haha! Cute :-)

  6. miz ananda - if lu loved me i musta just felt guilty for starting a fire and laughing about it. i bet the web was slow today - even i wasn't on it!

    laura b - social animal would work for a name for dandu, too! It is 12 Angry Aen - and really the panel was 3 angry women - but the sentiment is the same!