Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Scavenge - Obsession

What a word!  Talk about truth in advertising.  Is it just me (and quite surely it could be), but isn't blogging a bit obsessive?  I think all week about what I'll do for the Scavenger hunt.  If I have time, I check my email throughout the day to see if anyone has commented on anything.  I talk about blogging when I'm not blogging.  Shessh, I've got to find a new interest.

This first photo is a fragrance by Calvin Klein.  The first Calvin Klein fragrance was Obsession. I have worn Klein fragrances since then.  My latest Klein fragrance is Secret Obsession.  It smells like Obsession with a hint of Hawai'i - perhaps ginger.

What about America's obsession with stuff?  We gotta have more stuff.  Even in this economic climate, advertisers are still calling out to us - you gotta have our stuff!

This is a print ad for Fry's.  I have only been there once and swore I would never go  again.  When I was there I bought a load o' crap, including a tiny live fish in a tiny fish tank for my office (back when I had one).  The fish died right away.  The printer and the home theater sound system are still in operation, though.

The next picture has to do with crafting.  I don't do anything half way - so here is a bag of yarn - one of those big bags they give you when you have purchased a load o' crap - full of yarn and strips of knitting that I am making into a blanket.  I don't know who I am going to give it to, but I like giving people things I have made.  It's like a legacy.

And scrap booking - OMG - what can be more obsessive than scrap booking ? - Again this is all about me - I am sure there are others who can scrapbook without obsession (actually, not really - but what do I know?  I look at and process everything through my own brain - so I am allowing for system mistakes and saying - oh yeah, there are those who can scrapbook without being obsessive).

I have shared this picture before, but am sharing it again because it is a good example of a combination of two obsessions - paper and material.  I covered Joe-Ash's scrapbook - which contains within lots of paper - with material.  In this photo you will also see a tablecloth and napkin that I made with material that I purchased.  (JoAnn's is my new Fry's)

Okay - I am a purchasing junkie - this I see clearly now, thank you Ananda Girl.  Looking back on all that time we spent at the mall buying books and albums, I should have known.....   

Now I have to get obsessive about moderation (and fitness and writing).  

Thanks for the new objective!

Happy Scavenger Hunt to you.  I can't wait until our next obsessive outing!


  1. I guess I can be a bit obsessive about blogging myself... writing too, but I'm really obsessive about breathing. That I can't live without ;-)

    Just teasing. Have a good weekend full of your favorite obsessions.

  2. cube - thanks for the perspective - you have a good weekend, too!

  3. I like to think my blogging obsession is well-controlled, but then again, I know the truth.

    I've never been to Fry's because we don't have it around us. I have, however, been to Indiana and Illinois where they do have them.

    I am obsessed with computers, science and technology. Those are my vices.

  4. crazy4coens-- Ha! Squeaky is a Frys junkie... first thing he grabs everyday is that very ad. ha. Yesh, Frys is obsessed with eating my money.

    Great post! I thought about the fragrance and then let it slip... good catch!

    All the scrapbookers I know are obsessed. I think it must be a requirement. This is one I have managed to avoid. Probably due to the cost. These gals invest!

    I wish I could become obsessed with moderation. I am unfortunately addicted to over-kill. Heavy sigh.

    cube is funny!

  5. well, my dear aliencg - i would suggest that you never go to fry's and i would recommend staying out of indiana and illinois for good measure - i'm just sayin'........ Thanks for the visit and the comment - good weekend to you!

  6. ananda -yep - i think fry's might be the devil.

    as for scrapbooking - i could set you up = i'm done with it for now - and and have LOTS of stuff - come on down and i will set you up!

    as of today - moderation is my new obsession - ask me tomorrow!

  7. I love that your obsessions are so creative, as in your crafting and scrapbooking. Those seem like positive obsessions to me!
    My mother-in-law crochet all of our babies a blanket when they were born and those are among my most prized possessions. When someone makes me something I am just in heaven.
    Great post, C4C. And the new word is SUMMER :-)

  8. laura - thank you and summer it is! off i go! wait , no stop! moderation.

  9. I am obsessed with books! Love nice books, with lovely pictures, especially the art books...

    Blogging is a vortex that once you fall into it, very hard to find your way out!

  10. sebastien - art books are beautiful. i own some - as well as many other books throughout my house.

    blogging does seem to be a vortex,,,,,maybe i can build bookshelves for it.

  11. ananda girl: I heard that... thanks :-)