Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another Wacko Wednesday

Michael Jackson and ex-wife Debbie Rowe pose for a wedding photo ...
Wedding Photo

Need I say anything else?  I cannot think of anything wackier.

Until I rename Wednesday's post I do not know what else to say.

I know everyone is sick of Michael but......

My dear friend says (and I know she heard someone else say it), "Only in America can a poor black boy grow up and be a rich white woman."

OK - now I am done.

Another wacko picture - this time regarding me.

I was fixing up Jo-Ash's bed before last weekend (the safety pin is to help him with the bedding when he makes his own bed) and I realized I felt a great affinity for the safety pin - so I took a picture of it (not my best work, but whatever).  

Why did I feel so close to the pin?

Today I realized that I have to work on my relationship with my mother (who died in 1988).

Are the 2 related?

You be the judge.

Just another Wacko Wednesday here at Raising Sunny.


  1. Geez... I haven't had my coffee yet and you want me to think well enough to draw a conclusion?
    I'll have to get back to you on that part.

    WEll, it's official... that is the worst wedding photo I have ever seen.

    Which one is the wacko?

    Don't worry... I'll feed the fish.

  2. Miz Ananda - I would say that they are BOTH wacko. Yikes! (Probably, me too, for not letting go of the Michael thing - it's just that Wednesday's post is called.....

  3. Here we go. Let’s look at the safety pin first. The obvious connection is that we use them for diapers. Diapers… baby, you were an unwanted baby. When a safety pin is closed, it is safe. When open, dangerous. Your issues with your mom are still open, and present the possibility of presenting you with sudden pain. You need to close that “safety pin” with your mom… to get that closure where you are safe.

    In relation to Jo-Ash, the use of the safety pin has a purpose that you lovingly provide. Jo-Ash is very much a loved and wanted child. Your safety pin between you is closed and safe and all things loving. All the things you lacked between your self and your mother. You have successfully become the type of mother who is loving and caring and overcome the natural response to parent the way your mother did, badly. Great job girl!
    Not always easy to do.

    And of course there is the chance that I am totally full of shit here and way off. I love you to pieces. I hope that helps. It’s all I got to offer.

  4. Ananda - Wow! that was way more than i was expecting - although sounds right to me! Thanks!

    closed - safe for others - open - pointy and useful.

  5. Ananda is a tough act to follow. I was just going to say that you need to find that mysterious affinity you have for that safety pin and try applying it when you think of your mother. Now that just sounds sort of dumb...

  6. I admit, I was more than slightly confused upon reading the last part of this post. Luckily, AG was able to provide an explanation.

    The beginning of this post made me sick, then laugh.

  7. laura - i like your idea - i like it alot - it's rather mysterious and yet succinct. not dumb - at all!

    aliencg - well - i was able to sicken, humor and confuse - all in one post. not really what i was going for, but an accomplishment, nonetheless! (well - actually now that you put it all into words, that was exactly what i was going for!)

  8. I thought safety pins were meant to be used as tiny weapons and also lock picking. They do other stuff??!!!

  9. Sebastien - weapons, lock picking, safety, windows to our past - they do lots of stuff. Thanks for the additional insight!

  10. It's important to think deviously. How would we ever have fun if we didn't :)

  11. we wouldn't! right you are sebsatien.

  12. i think marrying elvis' daughter might be a little wackier.

  13. really billy? i thought everyone wanted to marry elvis' daughter - well not me, but elvis lovers anyway.