Friday, July 10, 2009

Saturday Scavenger Hunt - Scrap

Scrap is the word for the week - thanks to me, crazy4coens, here at Raising Sunny.  

Next week's word will come from Miss Ananda at Oodles of Funch.

Scrap has many meanings and many connotations.  I am sure that my photos and links will only touch on some of the meanings.  If I have learned anything during my month of blogging -it is this - there is always something else you can do - somewhere else you can go - another typo that you can find - so enough will have to be enough.

My first example of scrap is the definition that has to do with fighting. 

"He got into a bit of a scrap today."
YouTube - Mickey vs Gorgeous George - Snatch First Fight Scene

This example is a more mainstream definition of the word scrap.
As in:

"We have scrap copper left over from a demolition project downstairs."

The next example of scrap has to do with kitchen scraps.
As in:

"She supplements the chicken's food with kitchen scraps."

The next example also has to do with kitchen scraps.
As in:

"After cooking the chicken, the left over bones were scraps."

The next example has to do with large mice with hooves.
As in:

"After the deer were done eating the zucchini and tomato plants, there was nothing left but scraps."

This example has to do with fabric scraps.
As in:

"This scrap fabric is left over from the bathroom re-model."

The next example has to do with poor clean up habits.
As in:

"These are the scraps that remain from her crafting projects."

These next examples are happier and more productive examples of scrap.
As in:

"She was fortunate enough to complete his scrapbook before he went blind."

As you can see, I live a life of scrap.  Although there is only a beginning s between scrap and crap, I will happily keep my scrappy life.

Thanks for joining me on this lovely Saturday Scavenger Hunt.


  1. We watch Snatch over and over. Great choice.

    I wanted to see the mice with hooves! You are such a tease!

    That's okay... I like looking at Jo-ash at that age. I remember taking him to the Manchester Mall when he was that little. What a sweetie pie.

    Well done you crazy4coens. Loved it!

  2. Thanks Miz Ananda - your post on scrap rocks - things I would never have thought of and things I should have thought of - what's the word for next week my cyber friend?

  3. All such excellent examples of SCRAP. Copper scrap is good for a few bucks or more. Sorry to see you lost your tomatoes, it sucks when that happens. Good job with all of the pictures. Thanks for participating.

  4. thanks aliencg - it's fun taking photos and sharing them. I am sorry about the tomatoes, too. thanks for visiting!

  5. I too love the chicken... but the live one! Please tell me the one in the bowl isn't Henny Penny! It is impossible for me to know my food personally. Yikes. I'd have starved as a pioneer. Oh wait, I eat fish. Phew!

    Okay. Back on subject. The word for next week is "obsession". My brain is a whirl already.

  6. You got every bit of scrap there is, I think! Great post, C4C!
    That scrapbook looks amazing. Can you believe I have never created one? Totally hanging my head...

  7. dmarks - indeed the chicken dish was delicious!

    ananda - the one in the bowl was nameless, as far as i know. i guess you murder meat when you're really hungry - but i have lived by a grocery store and had almost enough money almost all my life - so i have never been that hungry.

    laura - luckily i have scraps all over - as for never making a scrap book - do not hang your head in shame - you are better off! it is a consuming hobby that occasionally pays off but has high costs and high guilt factors. do not get started - photo albumn it and you are good!