Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday's Victory Reports

Victory One 
Yesterday I emailed the Sunday School lady and told her that I needed to quit and this Sunday would be my last.  I know it seems simple - no duh - but I would not have been able to do it without yous guys support.  Thank you so much for helping me free myself!

Victory Two
Last night, instead of working on the paper mess in my room, I spent hours and hours tie dying shirts.  Examples below.

Victory Three  
This week I put together a bookshelf for my room - to help me get the paper mess under control (or so I told myself to justify the cost).

First - it was in a box - that I had Hold See carry in from the car.  Say hi to Mildred.

Then it was out of the box, piled up on the bedroom floor - now you need to know that at this point I had already worked for a few hours in the room to reorganize it so I could fit the bookshelf in there. Well, you don't really need to know it - but I felt compelled to share nonetheless.

Then the basic frame was constructed - with no mistakes, I happily add.

Then it is set up where it will stay.

And the finished project.  You can't see it, but the bottom shelf has all the paperwork I gathered and combined for my final oral presentation.  Yuck.  I am not sure I want it next to me while I sleep - but that's where it is for now.  There you go.

And the rest of the paper problem, I will tackle today.  I have some before pictures.  Hopefully I will have some after pictures to share with you, after.

Again - thank you all soooo much for your support - it really means a lot to me!  It's good, like group therapy!


  1. You are like MacGyver for carpentry and furniture. Need to have you help me next time to buy something at Ikea and need to set something up. I will pay you in coffee (but not scalding!). Plus I don't want to get sued.

  2. Thanks Sebastien! I don't think I've ever made anything form Ikea - I hear that is notorioulsy difficult. I will gladly accept payment in coffee. My son works at Starbucks and I would love to work there too (but he says I wouldn't make it there - that was insulting!).

  3. crazy4coens-- The people at Starbucks are forced to be cheerful and interested...yeah, right... in you, the only customer on the face of the earth...that all Starbucks employees worship and await your happy return!

    Love the coffee there, but the fake interest in me drives me insane. I could not work at Starbucks. I'd answer the intercom with "What the feck do you want?" Your son is a much better man than me!

    Hey... great job on the bookcase. It looks great in your room too. I like your color choices. I could be cozy there.

    Free... free... Feels good doesn't it?

  4. miz ananda - i just asked hold see and he says they do not tell them to have fake interest in people. he said "why would they tell us to have fake interest in people?" they are told to be outgoing and friendly. he is now quite irritated with me and said, "who are you blogging too?" obviously we don't have the same guidelines at home that they have at starbucks. deep sigh.

  5. oh and thank you on the thumbs up on the bookshelf and bedroom colors.

  6. It makes a huge difference to get organized. Worth the money, for sure. Though, you could have gone to goodwill maybe... not as pretty though, likely. Mildred is cute.

  7. Oh wow, you have a man on the inside! Lucky you :) and how insulting to his mumsy, he should say you would do super-well :)

  8. I am super impressed with your mad bookshelf putting together skills! Looks great :-)
    And I would have to say that tie-dying trumps paperwork every single time.

  9. Apologies to hold see!

    Perhaps it is our Starbucks that is so annoying and not all Starbucks. Our people are so cream cheesy you can cut what they say with a spoon! But no offense to people who work there who are real.

    One of the workers did say that if she did not keep me talking that she could get fired. She was supposed to act interested in my life. I told her my life isn't interesting. That's just silly... let's nod our heads instead and look like we are interested. She agreed to this.

  10. those tie dye t shirts are excellent.

    what's your secret? the ones i made look like crap.

  11. Pamela - getting organized does make a difference. Keeping organized is another issue. Everything I have been reading says you should organize paper about 15 minutes at a time - which beats my marathon organizing - 2 1/2 hours so far - not to mention all the prep work. And I did go to all the thrift store in the area and didn't find any bookshelfs that would work - so I did try that first. Mildred is cure - but no one likes her. She won't let you pet her, she attacks for no reason amd she has destroyed the corners of my sofas.

  12. Sebastien - I do have an inside man - his discount is awesome! And he gets a pound of free coffe a week. Hold See unfortunatley got my sense of honesty - so he was just saying what was true. Another big sigh.

  13. laura b. - thanks on the bookshelf thumbs up! and tie-dying does indeed trump paperwork. indeed!

  14. Hold See says it must be that store's management. That would be a really hard place to work. I for sure could not work there.

  15. billy - thanks! i use rubber bands and make sure they are tight. hence my sore fingers. i also rit dye (not the best dye - but certainly easily available) - i cook it on the stove and leave the shirts in the dye at least 30 minutes. tah's all i can think of. again thanks!