Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday - The Day Before Saturday -Lebowskifest Trivia

Today I will share some pictures from a family experience that took place in 2007.  Old history - but considering the subject, some things never change.

We rented a van and drove to southern California, got a room in Long Beach, donned our costumes and headed out to a bowling alley.  There we saw hundreds of like minded individuals in dress up garb.  Oat sodas and Caucasians prevailed.

It was our first Lebowskifest!  

These pictures are a bit more off beat than most you will find on the Lebowskifest website.

This is a trivia challenge - take it if you like!

This image was on some guys thigh.  Great ink!  Who is it?  (The image, not the thigh's owner!)

These people were very nice!  Who do you think they are?  (The characters, not the actual people)

This guy had me laughing to beat the band.  Why?  What line from the movie is his teeshirt referring to?

Well, thanks for checking in.  I really enjoy sharing our Lebowski expereinces.  I hope you enjoy looking at the pics and taking a guess as to the subject matter.

Phone's ringing, dude!


  1. I'm taking a wild guess on the tat being the Great one himself, but since I never saw the movie I can't be sure.

  2. Good job Cube! By the Great one, you must mean the Dude. Jeffery Lebowski - or the Dude, or the El Duderino, if you're not into the whole brevity thing - palyed by Jeff Bridges.

  3. DUDE! I love these pics. I don't know the movie well enough to know where the line is from... you will have to tell at the end of the day or tomorrow. I wanna know why its funny.

    And those two... there's something about that what is it... a white jogging suit with a sweater?
    The lollipop lady has me curious.

    I've got to watch that movie again. I think I'll shake my favorite tree and see if it falls out today. :) Hey... that will be fun 4th celebration stuffs!

  4. hee hee! -The Chinaman is not the issue here! Wow...that is really funny. What a great post
    :-) I recognized the Dude right away, but somehow I'm not placing the costumes...The Jesus

  5. please explain to me how john goodman didn't win the oscar for best supporting actor. i know he didn't get nominated but he still should have won.

    feckin anti-semites!!!

  6. miss ananda - indeed - the dude would be a great movie for your 4th celebration - i have no idea why - but i am sure it is appropriate!

    laura - you are so right - the chinaman is not the issue (please asian american is the prefered nomenclature)! your response made me laugh with joy!

    billy - i don't know why john goodman did not win (or get nominated for that matter) an acadamy award for his role as walter in the big lebowski..... perhaps it was the predjudices of others.....he did a GREAT job!

    The coreect answers to Lebowski trivia Friday are:

    Jeff Bridges as the Dude in the Big Lebowski

    Jesus (way to go laura!) and an eight year old. (8 year olds, dude)

    And indeed - again a big shoutout out to laura b - "The Chinaman is not the issue."

    Thank you all for playing!