Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Musings

Good day and new week to all!

I read in PARADE magazine (where I get all my important news - such as it is physically impossible to shoot the rifle Oswald was supposed to have used as fast as the shots came [read that as a child in 60's and then knew that Oswald was not the lone nut they said he was] and more recently I read that if you want to cut your chance of getting Mad Cow disease you would do well to avoid eating ground beef) anyway - I read in PARADE that Roseanne spends five hours a day blogging.  Yet another similarity between me and Roseanne.  

This weekend was a good one.  All my boys played a gig at Starbucks.  They did very well. Mildrid still does not have a music link - but Drinkin at Your Funeral does - and here is a sample of their music. 
They are better now and some of the band members have changed.  Those pictures were taken awhile ago - in Dandu and Jo-Ash's first house.  They have matured a bit since then, I would say.

I have the Fellowship of the Ring on (I thought it would be good to blog by) - but it is humming away and driving me a bit on edge. Something happened when my husband hooked up the video camera to watch the gig.  He videoed it Saturday and we watched it Sunday.  And now the audio hums - YUCK!

Yesterday was my last day teaching Sunday School.  Forever, I hope. I have been teaching Sunday School off and on since I was 16. 93 years.  There is something a little off about the guy who will take my place and I could notice a bit of panic in him as he did not have as much of the little ones attention as he has had in the past.  I must admit that I took a perverse pleasure in that.  It will all be good, however.  The little ones will be in good enough hands and I will be free free free.  Which reminds me of a song that I like to sing in situations like this.

The last thing I will share with you today is a picture of where I would really like to be.  At one point I convinced myself I could buy a small house there, on the ocean side of the road - The Village they call it I think.  I once saw 2 whales in the harbor there.  Anyway - if I could have whatever I wanted - a house there would be on the list.

Mendocino, CA

And a happy, healthy and wise week to you all!


  1. Ha! I have the Drinkin' at Your Funeral video. Jo-Ash told me where to find it last summer. But I loved seeing it again today.

    Boy you hit a lot of things that I love today... the music, video of your boys, Mendicino and Tom Petty! (I was thrilled when he showed up in "The Postman" movie.)

    Thanks for starting my day and week off right. Cool beans!

  2. I'd build my dream house on the edge of a cliff in Big Sur... then it would fall off in a mud slide and I'd be homeless. Crap. Now wait... this is "if it could be"... so it would be magically protected and I would live happily ever letting the sea rock me. :)

  3. Ananda - You're welcome. Tom Petty was in the Postman? Who eles was in that. Was it good?

  4. Rosanne blogs 5 hours a day? I blog less than 1 and my stuff probably has more substance.

    I like the name of the band, very creative. And they sound pretty good, too.

    Audio hums? Check the connections on the back of the DVD player and TV. It's probably a loose connection.

    I'm a fan of Tom Petty and I like "Free Fallin'."

  5. Great music, really liked it! Those are your kids? are they planning on releasing an album?

    I'm looking this band up on myspace.

  6. Loving their songs! I want their cd!

  7. aliencg - i imagine roseanne is a bit obsessive and probaly has lots of blogs and she doesn't doesn't have to do anything all day - so why not spend it talking via typing? i've been at it about 2 hours today with no real substance either. see what i mean about the similarity?

    i moved a plug into another hole on the dvd and most of the humming stopped. thanks for the advice!

    yeah on free fallin - it's good to take a jump once in awhile!

    sebastien - i happen to know where you can get a cd. i can hook you up!

    ananda - magic houses stay put - unless you want them to go somewhere else. also you will never be homeless - lots of folks would take you in if your dream house slides down a hill. do not worry!

  8. No worries today! Just gross out.

    I stopped eating beef that is ground a long time ago. For one, I used to grind it and it is often made up of the stuff that can no longer be sold mixed with copious amounts of solid fat... the kind that kills you. Urp!

    But I can't help thinking of the folk in New Guinea who eat their dead and get the fall down sickness like mad cow. Equal Urp!

    Thank you... it's nice to know that someone will take me in. :)

  9. This what I really wanted to comment on. Geez...The Postman (1985) is a post-apocalyptic novel by David Brin and made into a movie.Starring Kevin Costner and co-stars Will Patton, Larenz Tate, Olivia Williams, James Russo, Daniel Von Bargen, Tom Petty, Scott Bairstow, Roberta Maxwell and Mary Stuart Masterson. TA DA! (I feel like I should be out of breath.)

    If you are into sci fi about post-apocalyptic life it was excellent. The book was wonderful. I do recommend it. It is long. I think it may have been a mini series on TV.

  10. Ah! I need to get to reading blogs at home instead of at work...I want to hear your kids' band!
    Congrats on making it through your final day of Sunday School. Enjoy that sweet, sweet freedom :-)

  11. as always, laura - thanks for all you support - i will enjoy the freedom!

  12. I think not eating ground beef decreases your risk but any beef can contain it because of the high pressure hoses they use in the slaughter houses. But if it help, you don't actually get Mad Cow disease - you get the human variant of that spongiform encephalopathy (Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease). So that's some consolation, right? :)

  13. just think how good the rosanne show could have been if she was married to walter sobchak.

  14. Secret - Yes that is such a consolation! I feel sooo much better now. Thank you so much! (And yikes on those high pressure hoses. That I did not know :( )

    Billy - Imagine that! What a show that would have made. If only!

  15. Yes! if possible would love a cd!

  16. okay - I sent you a friend request on facebook - we'll work it out that way, yes?

  17. I looked at Roseanne's blog after reading about it in Parade, and was surprosed to find out she was a conspiracy-theory loon.

    Perhaps she needs someone more grounded like Tom Arnold to edit it after the makes her posts.

    Also, she does not allow comments. No doubt if she did, "Roseanne" TV show anoraks would bombard her with questions about her hairstyle in episode #72 and what she pulled out of the oven in episode #12.

  18. she doesn't allow comments? omg - what does she spend her time doing? as for conspiracy loon - i am not suprised - at one point she accused her parents of ritualistic satanic abuse. yeah, sure. you make a good point though - i am sure her fans would fan her to death.

  19. oh - that last comment was for dmarks