Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lebowski Friday

I posted this at 12:39 am and it posted as Thursday - but I really posted it on Friday - I did, I did, I did.  Stomp stomp stomp.

As you may or may not know - I love the movie The Big Lebowski. I have a friend who walked out of the movie when he saw it in the theater (and we are still friends because we never ever talk about The Big Lebowski).  Had I had the foresight to actually see the movie in the theater - I never would have left - I would have been laughing to beat the band through the whole thing.  

Anyway, maybe to make up for not seeing The Big Lebowski in the theater, I drug my family to 2 Lebowski Fests - one in Los Angeles in 2007 and one in San Francisco in 2008.  I tend to be obsessive about things and when I found out there was such a thing as a Lebowskifest - yikes  - I was a goner - and so were my family members, by proxy.

The fests are put on by 2 guys from Kentucky who stumbled onto a bit of a cash cow.  At the last fest we attended, Dandu (Middle Son), asked how much money they were making and one of the guys (pictured below with my husband AKA Marty Akermann) got an embarrased look and gave no answer.  Imagine that.

Here is a link to the Lebowski Fest website.

I am still trying to decide if I am going to the fest in Seattle this month.  I probably will not, but that won't keep me from obsessing about it until the date has come and gone - and then I will think about the San Francisco one... and then I will wonder why I didn't go to any of them.

Frecking Quintana, man, that creep can role.  This guy had all the Quintana moves down pat - but of course I missed them and only got him drinking his White Russian.  (A lot of that goes on at all the fests - White Russian drinking and missed photos.)

This guy was the cash machine (as in I'll just go find a cash machine, when Bunny offers to s***the Dude's c***.)  He really liked my husband's costume (I made that shirt, aren't you impressed?) - Marty Ackerman (as in Walter's ex wife going to Honolulu with Marty Ackermann and leaving Walter to babysit the fecking show dog).

And finally for this Friday - Dandu's girl Toothy - with the Number One dude from the LA 2007 Lebowski Fest.  He won best in show, so to speak, for the Dude costume.  They have catagories for best Maude, best Dude, best Walter, and the best of the rest.  My husband and I were in the running (I was Cynthia - Walter's ex) but not really even close.  I will share a picture of the costume winner from this fest in next Friday's post.

Have a great Friday and remember, the Dude abides!


  1. did the best in show guy arrive in a big '73 torino?

  2. You have such a fun passion! Looks like a blast.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  3. That looks like SO MUCH FUN! I love the costumes...that IS The Dude!
    Hey...your husband is cute :-)

  4. I need to go to one of these. Looks hilarious. I would not want to win the best Steve Buscemi award, I loved that character, but I would not take it as a compliment :)

    Big Lebowski is tops on my movie list. All the secondary characters are so mind-blowingly great and funny.

  5. Billy - We didn't do a parking lot survey - so I don't know - but the guys who put on the fests do have one that they post pictures of occasionally. I think they are having a contest on that.

    Ananda - It is fun - but it feels like a complusion - so I'm trying to tone it down - only one post a week....

    laura - It is tons of fun and that guy really does look like the Dude - but he didn't win in San Francisco - he drove up from So Cal for the festivites, but did not win - I haven't been to the more recent fests - hopefully he got back the prize as best Dude, but I don't know...

    And my husband certainly thinks he's cute - he's always saying, "Don't hate me cuz I'm beautiful!" I will tell him you think he's cute - that will make his day!

    Sebastien - Yes, you absolutley NEED to go to one of those! They are the best! Especially if you love the movie. It is so fun to get tipsy with like minded people!

    All the characters are so wonderful - even the ones who don't appear on the screen.

    In San Fran (08) my youngest son - Hold See - went as a fricken park ranger - and he wasn't the only one!

    Thank you all for visiting Lebowski Friday here at Raising Sunny!

  6. Also, mr Sebastien - very few people go as Donny - imagine that.

  7. It sounds like so much fun. You guys are making me regret never having seen the film.

  8. cube - It is never too late - rent the movie, get a doobie, or an oat soda, or a White Russian (or any combination thereof), put on your gellies (or bowling shoes if you don't own any gellies), and sit back and watch. You might like it.

  9. Lebowski Fest looks freakin' awesome. I will go to one at some point in my life. I just found out that your blog is not updating in my RSS feed.

  10. Haha, Donny cracks me up... Steve Buscemi is a favorite actor of mine, so eerie and interesting.

  11. I mean, I wouldn't know whether to hug him or run away from him yelling with fear.

  12. aliencg - It is pretty darn awesome. Going sooner than later is always a good idea - just think of all those bathroom accidents...

    Miz Ananda has been having trouble with me on her dashboard, too - maybe becasue I have no idea what "updating in my RSS feed" even means!

    Sebastien - Donny is very funny and today I discovered (via oddlesoffunch) that I am Donny - imagine that!

    Steve Buscemi does not seem like the hugging type....(I am, though!)