Friday, July 3, 2009

Scavenger Hunt - vault

Here is my Saturday offering - I did not take any of these pictures - so I should probably not participate - but hey - I already started.

Vault - noun - 
1) a roof in the form of an arch or a series of arches - typical of churches and other large formal buildings
- poetic/literary - a thing resembling an arched roof - esp. the sky - the vault of heaven
- anatomy - the arched roof of a cavity esp. that of a skull : the cranial vault
2) a large room or chamber used for storage, esp. an underground one
- secure room in a bank in which valuables are stored
- chamber beneath a church or in a graveyard used for burials

The big blue vault of the sky - over Montana - Big Sky Country (I have been called Anna Montana once or twice - way before Billy Ray's daughter).

My favorite definition is: anatomy - the arched roof of a cavity, esp. that of the skull- it tickled my funny bone to think of my skull as a cavity.  I have been working on my memory - not doing very well with that - and I see there is very little hope for me.  So cranial cavity it is.

Vaulted ceiling - in gothic churches across Europe - where I have never been.  I studied this architecure in college, but as close as I've ever been to it is google images.

There were lots of these shoes on gooogle images - so I gotta add them.

Pole vaulting - a good way to jump really high (I am not sure how this goes with the vault definitions - but here it is).

Of course, I must add the Hatch from Lost - since it really is a vault.

A fancy bank vault - where - as far as I know - I have exactly zero dollars.  My valuables are my family and they would not be happy in a vault - and I would not be happy with them in a vault, either.

And of course last and perhaps least - the final resting vault.


  1. You are so good at this! I particularly liked the shoes... made me laugh... when they suddenly appeared. Deck shoes make me smile.

  2. Miz Ananda - thank you so much.

  3. Hey, you can totally participate with 'found' pictures now and then. Sometimes it has to be done :-) And one blogger did musical posts when she couldn't hook up her camera or some such. It's all good and you fully covered the word, so yay!

  4. Than bank vault door looks like it has gold in it. If it does, I suppose the bank robbers could just steal the door and be done with it. Great pics!

  5. Speaking of Lost, remember Arzt? The science teacher who got angry because Hurley and others called him Arnzt? I met one the other day. But his name was Arnzt. So I guess he won't get mad at being called Arnzt.

  6. Very good examples of VAULTing and VAULTs. By the way, NoRegrets has tagged you to pick next week's word.

  7. laura - imagine a musical scavenger hunt post! that would be very creative - i bet miz ananda could do that - she could do music for movies - she's so good! thanks for the thumbs up.

    dmarks - thanks and i do remember Arzt - and I remember him boom! blowing up - that was a suprise!

    aliencg - thank you for the heads up on the tag and the compliment, too! - the word for next week's scavenger hunt is: scrap.

  8. Don't worry... I fed the fish.

  9. It's perfectly fine to browse for photos. Once in a while it's nice to see YOUR shots. You were chosen for this week btw...

  10. ooops, I should read comments.

  11. Pamela - thanks for the comments - and indeed i got the message about the next scavenger hunt - scrap!

    ananda - thanks for feeding the fish!