Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Trivial Tuesday

Here are some trivial facts you never wanted to know and still don't - 

1.  In 1964 Mark Maples was the first person to die on the Matterhorn at Disneyland.  (He did not follow the rules, stood up and was thrown off.)

2.  Keith Relf of the Yardbirds, was electrocuted in 1976 when he tried to play the electric guitar in the bathtub.

Check this video out - I think they were playing in Germany - anyway it gives a face for the name.

Bathtubs, dude.

3.  Howdy Doody has a twin brother named Double Doody and a sister named Heidi Doody.

(Howdy Doody Cookie Jar)

(Heidi Doody Marionette)

He really does have a brother named Double, but I crack myself up!

4.  Here is a trivial fact about me - Crazy4Coens at Raising Sunny - I loved the Three Stooges when I was a kid.  I would rush home from school and watch it whenever I could.  My much older (15 years) brother thought it was bad for me.  Ha!  What did he know?  I turned out just fine!

And there you have it for Trivial Tuesday!  

Is this uh???...........What day is this?


  1. Geez I love your sense of humor! Double Doodie indeed! He looks like such a square!

    Fun Yardbirds video. Too bad about Keith. But it would have made a good death intro for Six Feet Under.

    I love Jamie and Adam!

    Fun post crazy!

  2. Ananda - Square indeed! Also - Keith's death would have been PERFECT for 6 feet under. I wonder why they didn't do it. As for Jamie and Adam - would they really do that? I've never seen them try to kill each other - on screen anyway! Thanks for visiting!

  3. Keith Relf was pretty good at giving electrifying performances. This video is after Eric Clapton left and before the band became Led Zeppelin.

    Howdy Doody was long gone when I was young, so I never watched it.

  4. It turns out I did want to know these things. Thank you :-)
    And I love Myth Busters too!

    Do you guys remember the Six Feet Under where the porn star dies when her cat knocks her electric rollers into the tub?

  5. aliencg - information that I did not know - thanks!

    I never watched Howdy Doody either, but I did very much enjoy singing the song in my teen years - "It's Howdy Doody time, it's Howdy Doody time" and I just kept repeating it. I thought I was very funny. (Obviously I wasn't - but I am now -he-he-he)

    laura - Well - I am very glad to inform - bow with a hat tip - and I don't remember that Six Feet - but I certainly haven't seen all the episodes.

  6. I also never watched Howdy Doodie.

    I do remember that Six Feet Under... I keep watching them over and over. There may be something wrong with me. I'm so stuck on that show. ha.

    My favorite is the porn awards death that lead the woman to think the helium filled sex blow-up dolls are the rapture and she runs out waving her arms for the Lord to take her... and gets plowed down in the street.

  7. How could someone think it's a good idea to play electric guitar in the bathtub! too bad, I liked the Yardbirds.

    Here is something related to the bathtub electrocution:


  8. sebastien - i do believe think would be the opperative word in that question. who knew twittering was murderous?